Custom Engineering:

Custom Engineering services are offered for:

  • Mission Critical Software as per user requirement in Real Time Platforms: VxWorks, RT Linux, Integrity and on Windows, Linux.
  • Customized Signal Conditioning elements for Avionics Automated Test Equipment like Power amplifier boards, Avionics level signals to PC level and PC level to Avionics level signal converters like 28V DC-5V TTL, 5V TTL - 28VDC, 5V TTL-28V Open Collector outputs, Contact closure to 5V TTL Inputs, Isolated Serial communication boards etc.
  • Avionics bus switching unit - MIL-STD-1553 / ARINC 429 etc.
  • Instrumentation units like filters, high common mode capable isolation amplifiers, isolated dual output buffer units etc.
  • Application specific hardware like power supply switching and control units, firing control units etc.
  • Customized connector panels, connectorized cable looms.