About Symmetric Technologies Pvt Ltd

Symmetric Technologies is a Project Engineering Organization with 25 years of quality services as Design, Development and System Integration specialist based in Bangalore, India. We are CEMILAC Certified for Software Development and IV&V Services. The team focuses in delivering integrated Real Time Data Acquisition, Computing Systems and Solutions, Mission Critical Software Development, IV&V services and ISMS support service for customers in Defense, Aerospace and Industrial market segments.

We are in the field of Data Acquisition, Data Recording / Storage solutions, System Automation, Real-Time Embedded Software Development, System Integration, and testing services to various customers in India and Overseas. We work with M/s. Pacific Instruments., US and M/s. Alphi Technology, US, for larger Integration and towards our charted LOB specific solutions.

We are system integrators with in-house hardware (system) integration and software development capabilities. We can provide you integrated, ready to integrate or ready to develop systems on cPCI / PXI systems as per your need.

About Our LOB's:

  • Data Recorder

    We provide two types of Data Recorders - Ground-based Data Recorder and Airborne Data Recorder (by application) and Analog and Digital (by classification) with a choice of varied IO modules suiting a wide range of applications. Record and debrief / Record and Playback functions are supported.

  • Ground Checkout Systems and Decom Solutions

    The solution portfolio offers integrated airborne solutions with Signal Conditioning Units and Modular PCM Encoders, Programmable PCM Telemetry Transmitters, Antenna (L/S/C bands) and its complementary Ground based Telemetry Stations.

  • Test Systems and Simulators

    The solution portfolio offers test and simulation systems for Model based Development, Checkout, Independent Verification and Validation, Troubleshooting and Long-term product maintenance and end user support for various Avionics LRUs like Full Authority Digital Engine Control Units, Sub Systems and Systems. Supports rapid and high-volume automated testing requirements.

  • Signal Conditioning and Data Acquisition System

    The solution portfolio offers Integrated Signal Conditioning and Data Acquisition solutions for High-end, Mission Critical applications like Rocket Engine hot tests, Weapons evaluation, Vibration Data Acquisition, Fatigue analysis, Stress/Strain Measurements etc. through our OEM and Technology Alliance Partner M/s Pacific Instruments, USA.

  • Embedded Products and System Building Blocks

    Complete embedded COTS based solutions with the required I/O interfaces to meet your project requirements as a) Turnkey to develop with O.S. (or) b) Completely built-up solutions with customized software as per user requirements