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Turnkey Software Projects

Features of Turnkey Software Projects

  • Our Turnkey software projects includes solutions for avionics subsystems and flight testing using RTOS based VxWorks, RT Linux , VxSim and many others.
  • The work includes understanding the customer requirements and its various platforms, processes, implement and develop the software applications.
  • Testing includes documentation of the validation, verification and simulation results, including a complete review of requirements tracked to implementation, specific to each customer’s individual needs.
  • Deliverables of these services is through onsite engineering services or through hybrid models.

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Turnkey Software Projects

USB Range Products

NDIS Driver Development for Intrusion Detection

  • Firewall: A system designed to prevent unauthorized access to or from a private network
  • Monitor the running process
  • Check the User Setting
  • Inject the DLL to the New Process
  • Allow or Block the Internet Connection
  • Capture Kernel Function Calls in Injected DLL
  • Shut down of Internet Connection in Emergency
  • Network Driver Interface Specification: Defines a standard API for "Network Interface Cards" (NIC's). The details of a NIC's hardware implementation is wrapped by a "Media Access Controller" (MAC) device driver in such a way that all NIC's for the same media (e.g., Ethernet) can be accessed using a common programming interface.

    IFS Kit File System Driver Development

    IFS kit is used to develop File System, Drivers used in Data Recovery Project. By using this driver hard disk space can be created as a file and formatted as File System. Driver is used to mount the File System as hidden and used to store the tracking data for recovery purpose

    Driver Development for System Backup and Restore

    Backup Driver are used to take the backup of the file or hard disk which can be access denied. Data Driver will get special permission to backup the files which are locked. These Drivers help to restore the file from the backup.

    Drivers for File System Monitoring

  • Desk Mount Kiosk with Barcode Scanner and Magnetic Strip Reader
  • Live Image and Video capturing and saving frame as BMP file using DirectX technology
  • USB Range Products

    Embedded Kernel based System Recovery

  • Multitasking kernel and kernel awareness debugger plugin, TCP/IP stack, FAT and flash file systems, USB host stack, USB device stack, USB OTG, GUI, and floating point library.
  • MD5, Naïve Bayes, Ripper Algorithms Analysis and Implementation for Security Products

  • The Anti-Virus Engine scans the Binary files such as Exe, DLL and Lib files using the Dumping concept, by extracting the DLLs. This detail is applied to RIPPER algorithms rules, whose output is the result of the scanning of that file (the Malware).
  • Implementation of RIPPER Algorithms and collecting virus signature
  • Implementation of Naive Bayes Algorithm and Naive Bayes Database creation
  • MD5 algorithms for signature based scanning.
  • Deliverables:

  • Independent project estimate and modeling of current project plan
  • Comprehensive end to end SDLC Dev [SRS to STR]
  • Bluebook Based Standard
  • Proj Mgmt through POMS
  • Periodic status briefings and/or reports
  • Periodic Project specific documentation support and adherence.

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