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BSP and Device Driver Development

Features of BSP and Device Driver Development

  • Our Board Support Packages for real-time systems and embedded Linux greatly simplify embedded system development. We also offer customized BSPs as needed. Many of our board support packages will operate with minimal modifications on similar target boards.
  • Symmetric has a dedicated team of BSP experts to help you build your project on a solid foundation. Our developers understand the hardware components of the target system, the data flow, and interrupt and memory maps required for writing a BSP.
  • A completed BSP not only initializes the target system hardware, but also provides function calls that enable higher layers of software to communicate with low-level system components. Errors made at this critical level quickly compound throughout the system. They can keep it from working at all, or cause problems downstream that cost valuable time to find and fix.

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BSP and Device Driver Development

USB Range Products


    We maintain an extensive knowledge base, and our engineers constantly share tips, tricks, and best practices with one another—all to the benefit of your development team.

    We create custom BSPs and drivers. Our BSP experts can analyze your custom hardware and create the software package you need to optimize both your development process and the behavior of your deployed device.

    Our RTOS expertise encompasses, VxWorks™, Embedded Linux™ and other development environments. We can serve as developers on your team, sharing our knowledge of these, & other systems, while helping your team implement, integrate, test and deploy your product. We also have extensive experience in the design of microprocessor and microcontroller-based hardware systems. We specialize in standard bus architectures like VMEbus, PCI, cPCI, PCMCIA, Card BUS and other form-factor and custom designs.

    Embedded Linux Board Support Packages:

    We develop embedded linux board support packages (BSPs) to speed OEM product development. Our BSPs are ready to run out of the box and include a full toolchain and complete source code. The toolchain is from the Embedded Linux Development Kit (ELDK). The kernel source (both 2.4 and 2.6 versions) comes from the canonical linux kernel hosted by Bitkeeper with modifications made to support Single Board Computer Modules.

    Download a sample of our Embedded Linux Documentation to see what's included in the package.

    VxWorks Board Support Packages

    All our Board Support Packages (BSP) contain prebuilt RAM and ROM kernel images and documentation that describes installing the BSP, setting up the development environment (target and host), building and downloading a custom kernel image, and running applications. Support is sold separately for all BSPs.

    Download a sample of our VxWorks BSP Documentation to see what's included in the package.

    Types Of Boards

  • ARM processor boards
  • PowerPC processor boards
  • x86 / IA-32 processor boards
  • MicroBlaze processor boards
  • MIPS processor boards
  • All boards
  • Targets By Form Factor:

  • VME
  • PMC
  • CompactPCI (cPCI)
  • PC/104
  • Design reference boards
  • I/O devices and hardware
  • Board support package for DSPs:

    Board support package is collection of necessary software offers the ability to quickly create custom applications under the windows XP operating systems. Software utilities allow configuring the card for certain modes of operation, quickly accessing the card resources and on cards with DSPs and it supports multiple I/O boards as well.