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Software Testing

Features of Software Testing

  • Software Requirements V&V
  • Software Design V&V
  • Code V&V
  • Unit Testing
  • Software Integration Test
  • Software System Test
  • Software Installation Test
  • Software Operation and Maintenance V&V

Software Testing

Our Software IV&V Process

  • As a proven expert in this industry, we continually refine our approach so that we can provide customers with the most complete, rigorous process possible. Our dedicated staff will provide a high quality deliverable that includes documentation of the validation, verification and simulation results, including a complete review of requirements tracked to implementation, specific to each customer’s individual needs.
  • Develop and IV&V plan.
  • Independent risk assessments
  • Traceability of requirements at all levels.
  • Active participation in design/code reviews.
  • Evaluate engineering changes and impacts.
  • Active participation in CM audits.
  • Monitor or perform testing at various levels.
  • Management support and reporting.
  • Special studies

USB Range Products

Tools Expertise

  • Mat lab
  • IDL
  • ADA
  • C
  • VHDL
  • VxSim
  • Libraries
  • Clear case
  • EV tool
  • RTRT
  • Rational Rose
  • VC++, SDK and DDK

Our Domain Expertise

  • Done 64 testing and 13 development projects in Avionics field for ADA, DARE, GTRE, ADE, RCI, LRDE and many more.
  • All the projects are successfully completed with the certified Project Completion Report
  • Domain expertise on Software Testing, IV&V, RTOS, SCM and Version Control VC++, HPUX

Outsourced Software Testing

  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • End to End - Functionality Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • System Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Load Testing and Stress Testing

USB Range Products

CSU/CSC Testing

  • Preparation of Software Test Plan document.
  • Preparation of Software Test Design document
  • Test case Selection.
  • Test Coverage Analysis.
  • Generation of test reports.
  • Generation of verification results.
  • Checking of units for code compliance for coding standard and coding style.
  • Checking of units for design compliance.
  • Traceability matrix providing traceability between code, SRS, SDD and test scripts and test cases, test reports

USB Range Products

Our IV&V Activities

  • Determining the types and levels of product integrity to be verified and validated
  • Developing performance metrics to allow tracking of project completion against defined milestones
  • Identifying an integrity schema to measure the project’s conformity to requirements
  • Planning and scheduling of IV&V activities considering the project management plan and schedule
  • Creating a verification and validation plan for the specific IV&V effort
  • Consulting with stakeholders to assess their involvement and buy-in regarding system functionality and the system's ability to meet their needs
  • Reviewing and providing recommendations to improve both the management and technical aspects of the project including evaluating project progresses, resources, budgets, schedules, and reporting
  • Reviewing and analyzing project management and software development activities, performance, and operational policies, processes, documentation, and products for accuracy and completeness
  • Reviewing product architecture for feasibility, consistency, and adherence to related industry and HHS standards
  • Reviewing traceability of product functions to original requirements
  • Documenting IV&V activities and assessment results in the form of task reports, activity summary reports, anomaly reports, test documents, and eventually a final IV&V summary report

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