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NRT Testing

Features of NRT Testing

  • Testing the Flight Control Laws and the Airdata Algorithm form a major part of the Flight Control System development cycle. These two safety critical software are validated and verified on very costly rigs in every aircraft development program through NRT Testing.
  • The concept of testing essentially involves the modeling of Real-Time systems in such a way that the systems can be tested with all possible test conditions as they could happen in Real-Time situations. This could cover the system both as hardware environment and software system

NRT Testing

NRT Testing of Engine Control Law

  • NRT is required to ensure that Control law software as implemented in DECU embedded software is matching with the control law master code software developed by the Control law design team and used for the integrated software simulation studies

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IV&V – NRT Methodology

  • Implementation and performance evaluation of the Control law design shall be independently verified and validated
  • Engine Simulation Model shall be verified & validated
  • Non Real Time Testing of Control Law Code implemented in DECU shall be carried out.

IV & V – NRT Activities of Control Law

  • Authentication of Engine Model and the data used in the model.
  • Authentication of the procedure of generating linear State space Linear models of Engine
  • Authentication of Linear Models
  • Control Law Design Requirement document
  • Design Process Document
  • Control Law Design document
  • CLAW Functionality Requirement Document
  • Mapping of CLAW Functionality to Master code developed by CLAW Design Team
  • SRS & SDD of Engine system model & CLAW master code for the integrated s/w simulation
  • Certification of Hardware in the Loop Test Facility
  • Performance analysis (Normal & failure modes)
  • Integrated System Linear Model Analysis
  • Integrated Non linear Software Simulation Studies
  • Integrated Hardware in the loop Simulation (HILS)
  • Non real time Testing of Control Law Codes.
  • Engine Simulation Model shall be verified & validated
  • Non Real Time Testing of Control Law Code implemented in DECU shall be carried out.

Salient Approach for the NRT

  • Setup the Test facility. The test platform to execute the embedded code with the compiler as in the DECU and Test management software for automatic test and reporting of Test results
  • Preparation of detailed test plan and test vector/ test matrix and definition of acceptance criteria
  • Generate the dynamic test signals (Ramp, Sine/ toggle etc) to the various command and feedback inputs of Control law to invoke all the logics and schedules of the control law
  • Test the Embedded code with respect to the Master Control law code as cleared by the IV&V Team
  • Analysis of Test results and Clearance of software code

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Typical Team Skill Set

  • 2 Years Experience in Real Time Embedded Software Testing
  • RTRT, Logiscope Tools Expertise
  • C/C++ and Ada languages
  • Project Experience in Design and Development of   Mission Critical Systems

Our Software IV&V Process

  • As a proven expert in this industry, we continually refine our approach so that we can provide customers with the most complete, rigorous process possible. Our dedicated staff will provide a high quality deliverable that includes documentation of the validation, verification and simulation results, including a complete review of requirements tracked to implementation, specific to each customer’s individual needs.
  • Develop and IV&V plan.
  • Independent risk assessments
  • Traceability of requirements at all levels.
  • Active participation in design/code reviews.
  • Evaluate engineering changes and impacts.
  • Active participation in CM audits.
  • Monitor or perform testing at various levels.
  • Management support and reporting.
  • Special studies

Our deleverables

  • Independent project estimate and modeling of current project plan
  • Periodic status briefings and/or reports
  • Clear Bug Reporting Process and Bug Tracking System.
  • IV&V test summary reports through STP, STD and STRs.
  • Final IVNV Observation Report
  • Periodic Project specific documentation support and adherence.
  • Bus Message Configuration information stored in non-volatile memory

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