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Independent verification and validation

Features of IV and V Solutions

  • Symmetric has provided IV&V services for projects adhering to IEEE/ EIA 12207, Mil -2167/498 and DO-178B standards.
  • End to End SDLC IV&V Cycle Coverage through a well drawn Blue Book Standard
  • Covers Unit, Integration Testing .
  • Manual and Automated Testing
  • Project Operations Management through tailored and Customer specific POMS
  • Traceability Analysis for all stages of IV&V Cycle
  • Project specific Team Structure with Subsystems and IV&V Knowledge

Independent Verification and Validation

USB Range Products


    • Inspection - Inspection involves a team of people, led by a leader, which formally reviews the documents and work product during various phases of the product development life cycle. The work product and related documents are presented in front of the inspection team, the member of which carries different interpretations of the presentation. The bugs that are detected during the inspection are communicated to the next level in order to take care of them.
    • Walkthroughs - Walkthrough can be considered same as inspection without formal preparation (of any presentation or documentations). During the walkthrough meeting, the presenter/author introduces the material to all the participants in order to make them familiar with it. Even though the walkthroughs can help in finding potential bugs, they are used for knowledge sharing or communication purpose.

    USB Range Products


    • Code Validation/Testing - Developers as well as testers do the code validation. Unit Code Validation or Unit Testing is a type of testing, which the developers conduct in order to find out any bug in the code unit/module developed by them. Code testing other than Unit Testing can be done by testers or developers.
    • Integration Validation/Testing - Integration testing is carried out in order to find out if different (two or more) units/modules co-ordinate properly. This test helps in finding out if there is any defect in the interface between different modules.
    • Functional Validation/Testing - This type of testing is carried out in order to find if the system meets the functional requirements. In this type of testing, the system is validated for its functional behavior. Functional testing does not deal with internal coding of the project, instead, it checks if the system behaves as per the expectations.
    • User Acceptance Testing or System Validation - In this type of testing, the developed product is handed over to the user/paid testers in order to test it in real time scenario. The product is validated to find out if it works according to the system specifications and satisfies all the user requirements. As the user/paid testers use the software, it may happen that bugs that are yet undiscovered, come up, which are communicated to the developers to be fixed. This helps in improvement of the final product.

    Range Of Services Offered

  • Independent project estimate and modeling of current project plan
  • Periodic status briefings and/or reports
  • Clear Bug Reporting Process and Bug Tracking System.
  • IV&V test summary reports through STP, STD and STRs.
  • Final IVNV Observation Report.
  • Periodic Project specific documentation support and adherence.
  • Our Deliverables

  • Independent Verification & Validation Testing
  • PNRT Testing
  • CSU/CSCI testing
  • Hardware/software integration (HSI) testing
  • Maintenance

    Independent Verification Validation Testing

  • Criticality Analysis
  • Requirement Analysis
  • Risk Assessment
  • Milestone Reviews
  • Software Design and Development Analysis
  • Software matrics
  • Test Witnessing
  • Test Planning,Execution & Reporting
  • Defect Investigation
  • Code Analysis
  • Document Inspection