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Features of ATE's and EMULATORS

  • Optimized for Test-Speed
  • Test Accuracy, Reliability, and Repeatability
  • Designed for test flexibility
  • Device Test & Characterization
  • High / Low Fidelity Simulations
  • MATLAB/Simulink or LabVIEW-RT Plant Models
  • Reliable & Accurate
  • Flexible Software Suit

ATE's and Emulators

  • Our Offerings include Automated test equipment (ATE), a tailored and Embedded system, which is a computer-controlled equipment that tests electronic devices for functionality and performance.
  • ATE also conducts stress testing with minimal human interaction.
  • ATE includes the control hardware, sensors, and software that collects and analyzes the test results.
  • ATE is considered cost efficient for high-volume testing.
  • Specialization is in developing Custom-made Test Systems, Test Beds as independent Job-Orders or as a part of HSI Testing and Turnkey Testing Projects Delivery.
  • We offer ATE, component test systems, discrete semiconductor testers, IC test systems, handlers, semiconductor production equipment, probers, temperature forcing systems, and In-Circuit testers (ICT).
  • ATE automatic test equipment is a vital part of the electronics test scene today. Automatic test equipment enables printed circuit board test, and equipment test to be undertaken very swiftly - far faster than if it were done manually. As time of production staff forms a major element of the overall production cost of an item of electronics equipment, it is necessary to reduce the production times as possible. This can be achieved with the use of ATE, automatic test equipment.
  • There is a variety of different approaches that can be used for automatic test equipment. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, and can be used to great effect in certain circumstances. When choosing ATE systems it is necessary to understand the different types of systems and to be able to apply them correctly.
  • Our Automated Test Equipment utilize off-the-shelf proven components to maximize cost-saving while minimizing risk for our clients. However, our modular tester design also facilitates unique requirement of our clients such as custom fixture and hardware.

USB Range Products

Key Essentials

  • About automatic test equipment, and automated testing including: optical inspection; in-circuit test; boundary scan; functional test; etc.
  • Engine Simulation Model shall be verified & validated
  • Non Real Time Testing of Control Law Code implemented in DECU shall be carried out. End-to-end testing : Continuously validates all critical aspects of complex transactions which may extend through web interfaces, backend services, ESBs, databases, and everything in between.

End-to-end testing :

  • Continuously validates all critical aspects of complex transactions which may extend through web interfaces, backend services, ESBs, databases, and everything in between.


  • Full end-to-end testing of both web interfaces and services over multiple protocols.
  • Automated test generation from:
  • Service emulation/virtualization.
  • WSDL schema and semantic verification and compliance to WS-I.
  • SOAP, PoX (Plain XML) REST, JSON, and BPEL support.
  • AmberPoint, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle/BEA, Progress Sonic, Software AG/webMethods, TIBCO platform awareness.
  • Security testing.
  • ESB event tracing, visualization, and validation.
  • EJB Testing.
  • Asynchronous testing.
  • Various WS-* standards support.
  • MTOM(XOP)/MIME/DIME attachment support.
  • UDDI support: query verification, validation, and load testing.
  • Data-driven testing through data sources.
  • Fully reuse functional tests for load testing.
  • Apply expected QoS (Quality of Service) metrics to load tests.
  • Automate load test execution and track performance metrics throughout the SDLC.


  • Enable distributed teams and business partners to emulate components that they do not control.
  • Validate messages with complex XML semantics easily, without scripting.
  • Promote and reuse test assets in a distributed environment and across teams.
  • Govern development and enforce adherence to standards and best practices.
  • Prevent errors, pinpoint weaknesses, and stress test long before deployment.
  • Verify data integrity and server/client functionality.
  • Ensure the reliability, quality, security and interoperability of your services.

Our Deliverables

  • Independent project estimate and modeling of current project plan
  • Periodic status briefings and/or reports
  • Clear Bug Reporting Process and Bug Tracking System.
  • IV&V test summary reports through STP, STD and STRs.
  • Final IVNV Observation Report
  • Periodic Project specific documentation support and adherence.
  • Bus Message Configuration information stored in non-volatile memory

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