Offshore Development and Integration Center

Executive Summary

Symmetric as a part of its System Integration and Real Time Integration Activities is looking for Providing Custom System Integration & meeting Customer demands who need Custom Integrated Solutions as Outsourced activity. This solution encompassing software development or Customization, Sourcing of Hardware’s including taking COTS blocks that Customers may already have and Integrating and providing final working solution as a subsystem level production facility by Symmetric.

Typical solutions like Engine Test Bed solutions, DAS system solutions, Instrumentation Control and Monitoring solutions, Hardware/Software Integrated Test Beds, Cockpit/MFD Displays, Telemetry Solutions, Data Recorder Solutions etc…. are best fit candidates for this ODIC kind of Synergy. Delivery of these services is offered through Customer friendly Models of Offshore Development and Integration center, Onsite Services or Hybrid Models. ODIC provides software support development for turnkey projects with hardware integration, testing and final solution.

ODIC is for subsystems like simulators solution built further around already existing blocks, software development done with existing blocks of Partners taken and other elements required for total system cost effectively sourced, integrated, testing done and with Quality Assurance done under OEM banner as an extended manufacturing integration facility.


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